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Barbara Marchica

My long story short.
I was born in Milan and  grew up with two brothers, a sister and a sweet little female boxer. I love reading, running and listening to music of all kinds, especially jazz. I think I’m an optimistic, sympathetic and curious person … and I’m aware of having disordered, lazy, and stubborn parts! Since adolescence I have always been attracted to the formation field and practice of meditation. My studies has allowed me to enhanced my self-knowledge experience by integrating the psychological and spiritual approach.

My professional choice.
My passion for Counseling was born with the Psychosynthesis Training Course at the Institute of Milan. The intense and enriching personal work has enabled me to discover and know myself more, learning to accept my limits while at the same time enhancing my resources. I still continue to work on myself, because you never stop learning! This fascinating journey has allowed me to perceive my professional vocation: to support others in knowing each other. From here my choice to start the training school and so becoming Professional Psychosynthetics Counselor in 2009. Meanwhile I graduated in Theology at the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy (Milan) and my passion for the moral sphere led me to Pastoral Counseling, where both my passions could meet: passion for psychology and passion for theology. I obtained the diploma in Pastoral Counseling in 2012 at the Camillian Training Center (Verona). I continued my theological studies up to the current Ph.D. in the Theological Faculty of Trivento (Padua), in collaboration with Fordham University (New York).

My slogan.
«The courage to know oneself».
Yes, because it takes courage to know yourself!
It takes courage to start to change unhealthy habits, counterproductive behaviors and negative thoughts.
It takes courage to have courage!
Improvement requires tenacity, courage and positive thinking.

The true vocation of each is one, knowing yourself
(Hermann Hesse)