Living by decisions and not by conditions

Do you agree? How many times do we have to put up with people, situations and relational dynamics… Unfortunately, we are not used to listen to ourselves, so we easily lose contact with what we feel, think and experience. Being aware of what we are experiencing will help us become the leading character in [...]

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September: time to start again

Why? We are still energized (some more, some less!) from summer holidays We are not yet intoxicated by our various daily heavinesses We wish in new things So, it is a good time to recall the desire of New and to have confidence in our intuitions. In this way, we recall our creativity. Often [...]

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Negative thoughts are very dangerous … even in summer!

Often we happen have negative thoughts. They are usually judging thoughts about us and others that can bring sorrow emotions in us ... there are no good or bad emotions, there are emotions of pleasure or displeasure. Emotions do not make us either good or bad people. They simply exist. They are a very [...]

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