Counseling: What & How?

What is Counseling?
Counseling is a new professional activity that aims to help the person’s ability to help himself. How? Through listening and empathy, the person is able to comprehend himself better and to sort out the solutions to familiar, professional, school, existential and spiritual problems.
In Italy it is governed by the 4/2013 Law.

Whom is Counseling for?
Whoever wants to improve his life qualitatively, adult or teenager.

Who is the Counselor?
The counselor is a relationship professional who offers, through working groups or individual activities, a way to counsciousness, by empowering the strong points and the resources proper of each person.

Counseling activity is thought as a dynamic group or individual work,  and uses different tecniques: from drawing to writing, from role play to free sharing.

10 Benefits of Counseling:
1.      Training to listen to oneself and others
2.      Thought feeding
3.      Living emotions
4.      Rely on intuitions
5.      Choose with more awareness
6.      Find our own solutions to transform situations
7.      Improve personal and professional relationships
8.      Communicate in an authentic and effective way
9.      Breathing in pain
10.  Generate benevolence

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