Negative thoughts are very dangerous … even in summer!

Often we happen have negative thoughts. They are usually judging thoughts about us and others that can bring sorrow emotions in us … there are no good or bad emotions, there are emotions of pleasure or displeasure. Emotions do not make us either good or bad people. They simply exist. They are a very important vital force for us.

What generates emotions of pleasure and displeasure are usually our thoughts…that is why it is very important to be aware of what we think. We could say, «Tell me what you think and I’ll tell you who you are!»

It is natural that negative thoughts go through our minds, the important thing is to make them flow without relying on them. How?

Here are two strategies:

1) SUSPENDING JUDGMENTS = thinking in judgmental terms creates a negative energy in us. Judgment becomes poisonous for our mind, body and soul. When a judgment crosses the mind, we try to listen to it and transform the phrase emphasizing our need/desire/value. For example, if I say “I’m not doing it right, I’m good at nothing” I can turn this judgment into saying: “I feel sad because I would like to be proud of myself.” The brain registers the phrase in a different way, enabling us to understand our lives kindly and less affecting our self-esteem.

2) CHANGE THE BODY AND CHANGE THE MIND = the body is much wiser than our mind … even if we (Westerners) find it hard to believe! When we realize that we are staring at a negative thought – which generates a negative thought vortex on his own, producing emotions of displeasure (sorrow, fear, anger…) we can use our body to distract the mind. Just change position (if I’m sitting I’ll get up or I’ll move to other room, I’ll drink a glass of water or I’ll do three deep breaths, I do stretching, I listen to my favorite song moving along with the rhythm…). The movement, though simple, activates our cardiovascular system, sending oxygen to the brain…and above all to our negative thoughts!

Try it and see for yourself…

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