September: time to start again


  • We are still energized (some more, some less!) from summer holidays
  • We are not yet intoxicated by our various daily heavinesses
  • We wish in new things

So, it is a good time to recall the desire of New and to have confidence in our intuitions. In this way, we recall our creativity. Often reduced to artistic inspiration, creativity is rarely considered functional to our lives. Being creative means in primis meeting those desires, dreams and ambitions we would like to follow, but sometimes laziness and resistance blocks us. This is the ideal time to get there and think about what we would like to do: for example, we want to learn a language, enroll in a cooking course, retrieve our physical fitness, perfect our professional expertise, participate in volunteering initiatives or dedicate some of our time to drama…

The pleasure of doing what we wish offers us to keep in touch with our creative part, activating desire, which then activates our will to want; a will that engages our freedom to act. Often our projects expire because we are trying to trace the desire that only moves will.

So let’s start right there: what would we like to do?

List at least 3 desires that move us towards doing what we like, trust you creativity that in individual freedom finds its personalized and artistic shape!

So, September is an ideal month to restart.

Good creative start!

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